Concept: Enhanced Mobile Banking Privacy – Balance Shield

Keep your bank balance for your eyes only with Balance Shield.

When you fire up your mobile banking app, the first thing you see is a billboard-sized balance across the top of the screen – which can be awkward when you’re out in public.

Whether you’re standing at a crowded bar or with your friend who you’re sending money to, it would be great to be able to use your banking app without showcasing how much money you do (or don’t) have in your account.

This got me thinking about a Snapchat-esque hold-to-view way of being able to quickly check your balance, so that you can see how much you have while you’re out and about, without having to awkwardly yet unobviously shield your screen from those around you.

Tap & hold to view your net worth:

Put that calculator away! View all your balances across multiple accounts, conviniently added together and all hidden away until you choose to view. Just tap and hold to reveal.

Swipe to view account balance:

Need to see how much you’ve got in your savings account? Just swipe to reveal your balance for each account.

Want to see everything at once? Click the show-all button in the top right corner.

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